Neste in the News

By Lianhe Zaobao, 8 August 2022, 芬兰油企耐思特提炼厂明年3月投运 我国将年产100万吨可持续航空燃料

By Nikkei, 7 July 2022, シンガポール航空、再生燃料で運航実験 CO2排出削減

By PROCESS Worldwide, 29 June 2022, Digitalizing a Biofuel Refinery for Enhancing Process Safety and Energy Efficiency

By Nikkei Asia, 4 June 2022, Japan's green jet fuel ambitions fly higher with Itochu-Etihad deal

By The Business Times, 21 April 2022, Singapore to have world's largest sustainable aviation fuel output capacity

By The Business Times, 30 May 2022, Can sustainable aviation fuel solve airlines’ ESG problem?

By Reuters, 16 February, 2022, Neste to start Singapore sustainable aviation fuel plant by Q1 2023 - executive

By Temasek Digital, 28 September 2021, The Future of Energy Docuseries (Neste section:12:30 - 14:58)

By Global Business Report, 22 April 2021, Interview with General Manager of Neste Singapore, Kenneth Lim.

By CNA, 15 February 2021, Climate for Change Documentary Programme, Episode One, Refuelling Energy

By CNA, 28 December 2020: Could sustainable fuel derived from cooking oil help aviation navigate to a cleaner future?

By CNBC, 31 October 2019, A look at Neste’s $1.5 billion refinery in Singapore