Safety in Asia Pacific

Safety is at the core of everything we do at Neste, including all entities we have in Asia Pacific.

Neste's biggest investment in history to build the Singapore Expansion Project

Despite the disruptions caused by Covid-19, Neste Singapore Expansion Project is still progressing.

"We can achieve more in sustainability by working together with our suppliers"

Successes Neste Achieved in Asia Pacific Region in 2020

Despite the disruptions of Covid-19, Neste achieved many successes in the Asia Pacific region in 2020.

We take care of our employees and people around us against Covid-19

Since Covid-19 started spreading in Singapore, Neste has been providing support to its employees and people around us, so everyone stays safe and healthy

Explained by Our People: What is Working at Neste Like?

Eight colleagues at Neste Singapore share their career path and testimonials working at Neste in the past decade. They are live examples demonstrating Neste's values: we care, we have courage, we cooperate.

LinkedIn Article: Realising My Best Potential with Neste

Neste with our partners turn removed chair fabrics into fashionable bags


Neste Singapore cares about sustainability by maintaining our ten years old chairs

Press Releases and News

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18 March 2021, Neste Opens A New Office in Australia

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By CNA, 28 December 2020: Could sustainable fuel derived from cooking oil help aviation navigate to a cleaner future?

25 March 2020, Neste is closely monitoring the impacts of the Coronavirus

19 November 2019, Neste Opens an office in Melbourne, Australia

By CNBC, 31 October 2019, A look at Neste’s $1.5 billion refinery in Singapore

20 September 2019, Neste Opens an office in Shanghai, China