Ahmed Firfire

Lead Design Engineer, Instrumentation, Neste Engineering & Solutions

'Difference Maker'


“One can work anywhere to make a living. But I didn’t want to just go through the rat race - I also wanted to make a difference,” said Ahmed Firfire, Lead Instrumentation Engineer, who believes that Neste gives him the opportunity to help make the planet a better place for the next generation. Touched by the speech from Peter Vanacker, Neste CEO, when he came down to share more about the expansion plans in Singapore, Ahmed is glad that he is in a company that walks the talk on sustainability and takes responsibility for fighting climate change. “It inspires me every day,” Ahmed adds with a smile.


With over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and having worked for well-known brands in the sector, Ahmed feels that Neste stands out because they support employees’ personal development. “It is so different here. There are many opportunities within the company to progress to other job functions. I can choose to move to another department, expand my skillsets, and grow as an individual.”


Currently supporting the instrumentation and automation team for the Singapore Expansion Project, Ahmed finds his job very rewarding. He adds that having a role to play in this prestigious project also reinforces his confidence as the company recognises his abilities, and in turn, tasks him with these responsibilities.


He shares more thoughts below:


Q: What do you love most about working at Neste?

A: Having a diverse team, and getting to interact and learn from different people all across the world. In my previous companies, I’ve been a part of various big projects that involve working only with people from that market. For example, if the project is executed in Malaysia, then most of the team members are based in Malaysia. But it’s not that way here. For the current Neste expansion project in Singapore, we’re interacting with Neste employees from all over the globe, including those from Rome and Finland. It is always interesting to interact and cooperate with people from different cultures, as they have their own strengths and skill sets. You get to learn something new every day! 


Q: Can you share with us one standout memory from your time at Neste?

A: I still remember the sense of fulfilment and achievement I felt after completing the turnaround project last year in 2018. It is important for refineries to go through periodic planned shutdowns for mandatory maintenance and upgrades, as it ensures that the plant would be able to run smoothly. During the turnaround, we faced many challenges, such as technical issues with instruments and installation, and we had to come up with solutions fast. It was really challenging, but I enjoyed the entire process. Gaining job satisfaction was the cherry on top!