Jenny Koh

Admin Assistant

'Difference Maker'


Known as the “ambassador” of the Singapore Neste plant, everyone at Neste is bound to recognise Jenny Koh, the capable admin assistant that single-handedly manages all matters for the Singapore site management team, and also coordinates company events - from dinner and dances to off-site meetings.

Having dedicated more than 10 years to the company, Jenny has been with Neste since Day 1. She is excited to watch the second plant come to fruition in 2022, and proud to be a part of Neste’s journey. “Although the company’s location may not be as ideal as being in the Central Business District, I do not dread going to work. Neste is very appreciative of what I do, which makes me so happy. In a blink of an eye, 10 years have passed,” she said.

Thankful for the opportunity to develop her confidence and capabilities at Neste, Jenny credits her personal growth to her nurturing mentors, who guide her and give her autonomy at work. She adds, “they trust me a lot and never ever doubted my abilities.”

Her 2 daughters, who have worked at Neste as temporary staff members during their school break, can also testify to the healthy workplace environment that Jenny is so proud of. When they were at Neste, they witnessed the trust given to employees, including the implementation of Agile Work, where employees can choose to work from home.

She shares more of her thoughts below:


Q: What do you love about working at Neste?

A: There are so many factors, but the greatest one is that I get to meet so many people and interact with them! It is the reason why I enjoy my work so much - everyday is different and interesting . I also love to plan for the various company events. Another factor that I feel separates Neste from other companies is that we really put employees’ safety first, implementing and enforcing many measures. This is very important, as working in oil refineries can be dangerous.


Q:What do you think potential employees would be happy to know about Neste?

A: The company really walks the talk on the sustainability front. We also have a very positive workplace culture, where the managers are understanding, flexible, and will appreciate the hard work that you put in. You will definitely be happy working here!