Ang Yeok Chong

Maintenance Coordinator

'Difference Maker'


For Maintenance Coordinator Ang Yeok Chong, joining Neste was not a carefully planned move. It was by chance that he saw a recruitment advertisement 10 years ago, and decided to take the leap to join a (then) unknown, mysterious company. “It was the right time for me to switch jobs,” he says. “I was happy in my previous role but wanted a new challenge and a place that would expand my career horizons.”

10 years on and he agrees that it was the best thing he did for his career. Yeok Chong is now in his second post at Neste, having spent more than 7 years in his first role on plant operations. He applied for an internal transfer and was sent for trainings and reskilling to get him prepared.

WIth flexible working hours and dedicated wellness and family days mandated by Human Resources, Yeok Chong spends his free time bonding with his loved ones. “They don’t fully understand what I do at work because it’s very technical, but they understand that my company champions a good cause, and they’re proud of me for being part of it.”

He shares more of his thoughts below:


Q: What do you feel is the Neste differentiator?

A: It’s an incredibly special company. There are few Finnish companies here, and it’s always interesting to work for a foreign brand, and it gives insight into the Finnish culture here in sunny Singapore. But perhaps Neste’s defining factor is its ethos and its sustainable products that make tangible, positive impacts to the environment. Not every brand can say that they make renewable diesel from 100% renewable raw materials - the things that the man on the street knows of, such as cooking oil for example.


Q: What is your proudest moment at Neste?

A: I am one of the many employees still here at Neste that saw our current Tuas refinery being built from the ground up to what it is today. It’s amazing, being part of something like this. I would say that this was a defining moment in my career - the sheer pride at what we completed as one team.